Living Is the Only Option

The Daily Mail reported a story of a man who discovered he had a disease called MS and upon finding out, he decided to leave his job and spent £100,000 carving a cave into his dream house. Wow, what courage, you say. It’s true. But why did he need to discover he was going to die someday, whether soon or not, before he decided to make his dream a reality?

Occasionally, we are guilty of doing things we do not enjoy in order to live, but if you’re unhappy are you really living? Or are you just merely surviving? No one can tell you how to live or what to do because they are busy living and doing what they have to do in order to get by.

Even better, there is no profit in envying a person’s joy, because it doesn’t take you any closer to yours. In fact, it robs you of joy. Rather find what you love to do and do it. Don’t chase things because one day things will go and even lose their value, it is like chasing the wind. Instead discover what fulfils you, what satisfies you, what brings you joy and pursue that. Hold on to what you dream about and make that your reality.

What is really holding you back is not your lack of resources but it is most likely you. Why must you wait until the start of a new year or a new week to birth your dreams? There is no point spending our lives procrastinating, before you know it months and years would have gone by and that dream will still be sitting there, dormant.

Whatever you told yourself you wanted to start or do at the beginning of this year that you haven’t, start it now. You do not have to wait until the New Year or until you are told you are dying to start living. Start now, it is also not too late to begin.

And if you have started something new and you find yourself slipping up from time to time, don’t give up, keep pushing and keep trying. It is not about falling, because everyone falls, your strength and success comes from getting up again. If you always give up on yourself at the first try you will never get better and push yourself to practicality and see how great you are.


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