The Run to Grow Up

There’s something about watching the generation ahead of us. Staring at your mother as she applies makeup, listening to an older sibling on the phone to a boy/girlfriend, wishing we were in the year above and moving on to college or university.

Growth is a process and a beautiful journey in which every day and moment adds up to it. Daily we are growing and maturing, becoming more of a woman and in becoming that woman, our character is shaped by our journey to womanhood. So there is no need to rush to wear makeup, be in university, have a job or lose your virginity. None of these things actually make you an adult.

Be patient and allow yourself to blossom at the right time. Caterpillars become butterflies after a period of time because there is a season for everything. Babies become toddlers, seeds become flowers and trees. Growth is a process and the journey is very important because it greatly impacts the results of the process.

So today we want to encourage you to be patient. As a young girl with big dreams, it is normal to want to do this and that or become the woman of tomorrow, but please be patient. Enjoy where you are now; love your present because it is a gift.

Don’t worry, one day you will be that woman you desire and you will love it because you’ve learnt to love your present.

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