5 Habits To Start That Will Make You A Better You

Happy New Year! The New Year usually comes with new changes, picking up habits and dropping some. Here at Proud To Be Me, we love development and bringing out the best in you so we have put together a short list of new habits you can pick up to take a step in making you and better you, this 2018!


  1. Notice your weaknesses and flaws and embrace them.

Fortunately, no one is perfect, no matter how perfect they look. The sooner you realise this, about yourself and others, the better. By accepting and embracing your imperfections you can love yourself more, gain more confidence and enjoy being you! People tend to be insecure and have low self-esteem when they are ashamed of who they are and their weaknesses.


  1. Put your opinions of yourself above other people’s opinion of you.

For example, if you love your new hairstyle but someone else doesn’t, don’t be embarrassed. Own it.


  1. Work on your strengths.

One way you can do this is by making a list of your positive attributes and working on them throughout the year. And nothing is too little or big. You could be good at making friends, painting pictures, or encouraging people. If that’s the case, make it a task to pop an encouraging text to someone every day. If you are good at drawing, find ways to make yourself better and enter some competitions.


  1. Encourage and celebrate yourself on a regular basis.

Self-love is powerful. When you speak over yourself, it does things to your mind and the way you see yourself.


  1. Every day, do something that will make you smile and happy somehow.

Every day may not be a good day, but there can be, and there is, something good in every day. Be intentional on self care and self love this year. You hold the key to your joy, no one else.


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