7 Things you Do Not Have To Do

Last week we talked about picking up new habits as the year begins. This week we are going to talk dropping unhealthy habits. We call them unhealthy because they are not doing anything positively or causing you to grow in anyway. They are habits that you hold you back one way or another.

  1. Look like someone else to be beautiful

You are beautiful as you are. Everyone is different. As not everyone likes ice cream, everyone may not see your beauty. But just because they do not notice it does not mean it is not there. No one is the standard of beauty, we are all beautiful in our different ways.

  1. Take everyone’s advice.

Everyone is different and our beliefs our different. If you take on what everyone says you will be a part of everyone and not yourself. You can take advice, but filter what advice you take and who’s you take.

  1. Make the mistakes your parents, siblings or anyone else made.

You don’t have to go down the same path as those around you. Do not limit yourself to what you can see around you. There is much more unseen.

  1. Date every guy you have a crush on… seriously, you don’t.

This one is pretty simple, but we’ll expand. You don’t need to satisfy every craving you have, it causes lack of self control in you. Ask yourself, do you need it? How will it benefit you?

  1. Save it for later.

In other words, procrastinate. You don’t have to do that. Just do it now and move on. A stitch in time saves nine…

  1. Let people control your emotions.

Don’t allow your friends, or anyone else, to put you down or make you feel uncomfortable about being yourself. In fact, never allow this.

  1. Be who the world or stereotypes expect you to be.

Just because you fit into a sterotype by appearance or anything else, don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by expectations. You don’t need to be who your teacher expects you to be. Be yourself. Break norms. Who said girls can’t play football? Just because you’re a lady it doesn’t mean you have to shave your legs every week.


Hope your new year is going and our advice has helped you out. Have a great week!

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