Open the Curtain

Sometimes, in life, we can go through dark and lonely days. You might not be alone, but you may feel lonely. You want to be happy, but you just feel heavy, and sad, nervous about things and you don’t want to do anything… but you do.

Times like these can be very challenging and discouraging. It can even look like you will never laugh again, but that is not true. Today we want to reach out to anyone feeling that way, or anyone you know that might be in a similar place.

Allow yourself to be loved. Smiles are like sunshine on a gloomy day, they can light up the darkness. Welcome the love of your friends and family instead of shutting them out. Shutting them out makes you more isolated and when you’re isolated, it is easy to believe lies and fill your mind with negative thoughts.

Turn off the negativity and switch on the positivity. For example, don’t listen to music that brings you down or relates to the sad way you’re feeling. Instead, listen to uplifting positive music, watch positive shows, read good books – any type of escapism that will take you to a happier place.

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself good, love on yourself. Give yourself a manicure, a facial, go to the cinema. Anything that makes you feel good.

Bad days come. Bad things happen. But you become better when you keep going and you don’t allow the bad things to define you. It can be hard, but push through and create the beautiful life you’ve always wanted for yourself. Open the curtain in your room and the one in your mind and heart, so the light can flood in.


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