Love Day

All the pink, red and love hearts are being littered all over the place reminding us that lover’s day (aka Valentine’s Day) is around the corner. February is a beautiful day with an awesome purpose, but just because you might not have a boyfriend does not mean you can’t enjoy the holiday as much as someone who does. So this one is for anyone out there feeling that way.

There is a new wave of ‘Relationship Goals’ setting a non-existent standard of what a relationship should look like. With social hubs like Instagram and Youtube, people create idealistic images of a perfect life that as actually unattainable. However, although these ‘goals’ are not reality, when we see them, we can become dissatisfied and desire to have what they have. Then we make these people our idols, that we look up to, but it can cause more harm than good. 

Valentines Day is a day of appreciation and love. You might not have a boyfriend but you have friends you can go out with and enjoy the day with. Take advantage of the events and the beautiful themes and decorations (great opportunity for a picture!).

Don’t sit around and feel sorry for yourself because you don’t have a boyfriend and your friend does. Love yourself! Celebrate yourself. Appreciate yourself. You do not need a boyfriend to do that for you. It’s also important you begin to learn how to do those things for yourself, so you’re not dependent on someone else doing it for you.

Enjoy being young. You have your whole future ahead of you that is full of many opportunities and many more Valentine’s Days to come.

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