5 Reasons You Should Really Give Reading a Try

Not everyone enjoys reading. Some people find the thought alone daunting. The size of a book can be discouraging. All the words and no pictures look boring. But reading can really be fun and addictive. So here are three reasons you should not write off reading, but give it a try.

It is not actually boring!

Honesty. Unless you read a boring book, then it is. But there is something for everyone. There are so many genres. So many types of books and reading takes on different forms. The key is finding the type of book you like. It’s really not hard at all. Also, with the improvement of technology, you don’t have to just buy a book, you can download it on Kindle – how helpful!

Reading is fun and informative.

You can learn so much by reading. It stimulates your mind and helps you think. You can bucket loads of things. Reading allows you to expand your mind and know things you didn’t know before. It also helps with expanding your vocabulary, you learn new words and phrases that can help you in the future.

It is a nice way of having some ‘you’ time. 

Shut the door. Put your phone on silent. When you read, you are taken away to a whole new world where you can live vicariously through your character. Reading is an incredible form of escapism that doesn’t require too much from you but your imagination (it can also help you with that).

Reading can change your life.

Really, it can. It can take you on a journey, and teach you thing, make you feel things, that can permanently change you. You will remember those words, or what that character made you feel, or the protagonist’s experience. And it can change you. Don’t underestimate the words and journey of a good book. 

Lastly, stories are beautiful.

Whether you know it or not, every day you hear a story and you tell a story. When we listen to the news, there are stories, talking to a friend, there are stories. Stories are beautiful. They are full of experiences, lessons, and testimonies that can make you smile, cry, laugh and feel a range of other emotions. Everyone has a story and they can be encouraging and very interesting. Allow yourself to get drawn in, and let the author recount a story that will capture your mind and change your life. 

Hopefully, these few points have changed your mind about reading. If you want to give it a try but don’t know where to start, look out for our next post which will give you three YA books that can start you off on your awesome reading journey.

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