Dear Beautiful: Limitless Worth

Dear Beautiful,

Believe it or not but there once a time, not too many years ago, when society made it clear that having a big behind was an awful thing. Victoria Beckham was near enough a size 0 and everybody envied her. Women would have spent hours and hundreds of pounds in the gym with a picture of her plastered to the wall to keep in mind what they were running towards. Many may have looked down on themselves and given up as the scales reminded them that they were going nowhere. Rather than Victoria, Kim Kardashian now wears that crown. Just before you spend hours of your God given time doing squats I want you to think about something.

One day the ideal will change once again. Then suddenly that body you desire or are praised for will once again not be good enough. Just like how the outfit you’re wearing will one day be ridiculed. If you hold your worth and value in such things your worth will one day most certainly slide out of fashion like disco pants and leg warmers.

They say ‘only dead fish go with the flow.’ Rather than spending your time checking on social media to remind yourself what the world expects you to look like and wear; why not spend some time digging around the treasure chest underneath it all; your heart. Have a look for the talents and gifts that are buried inside of you. There are rough diamonds crying out to be cut and polished. Learn to perfect your craft and no matter what your waist size when you speak the world will listen.

Malcom Gladwell wrote a book making it clear that it takes 10,000 hours of practise to achieve mastery in your field. If this is true how close are you to perfecting your craft? Although it may be easier to scroll through Instagram craving the reoccurring themes, you will find that it is certainly more profitable to spend some time flicking through the catalogue of gifts and talents you have.

 Ask yourself these questions: What am I naturally good at? What do I enjoy doing the most? What do people compliment me on the most? What have I always wanted to try? As you start asking yourself these questions and actively seeking answers you may be suprised as the discontentment slowly disappears and you begin to see the beauty of the Jewels you’ve been wearing all along.

I also want to remind you that your value is not priced at the total cost of your outfit or by the designers you do or don’t wear. It is definitely not in your body shape, height, outfit or wealth. A woman who knows her true worth, stands up for what is right and whose heart is filled with love never goes out of fashion.

Find and refine the valuable jewels inside of you and like a pair of diamond earrings you will always be en vogue.

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