Proudtobeme delivers group sessions and crash-course boot camps for young women during holiday periods, which condense a dozen’s worth of sessions into a number of days. A proudtobeme course lasts for approximately two hours a week and runs over a course of twelve weeks. The workshops are customised to meet individual needs and give young women the chance to exercise their passions and take on board life skills.


We partner with vendors to make our sessions beneficial for young women. For example, we work with nutritionists, healthcare practitioners, self-confidence coaches, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs and professional makeup artists. Our sessions are based on developing and honing lifestyle and social skills.


Aims and Objectives 

Research has shown that one in every 25 girls QUOTE AGE BRACKET becomes pregnant in the UK.  In London, Lambeth and Southwark account for almost 25% of UK HIV cases.


Mindful of these statistics, Proudtobeme initially piloted a successful programme in Southwark in 2008. We have since held successful workshops in schools and colleges in Waltham Forest, Barnet, Southwark and Buckinghamshire. Our main objective is to focus on enhancing young girls’ self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing. Our activities will include group workshops and one-to-one coaching and mentoring activities.


Why The Need?

In tandem with high levels of poverty in the UK, research has shown there is a prevalence of substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and sexual health issues that affect young people during their young adult years, which will influence their general wellbeing and undermine their outlook on life in adulthood. Teenage years are a sensitive time in the growth cycle of young people, when they are highly impressionable. At proudtobeme we strive to positively nurture young women during this crucial stage.


Proudtobeme aims to reach and empower young women suffering from low self-esteem and those disadvantaged and socially marginalized in the community. Our project aims to boost their confidence and enhance employability, relationships and leadership and networking skills via a variety of tailored coaching, one-to-one mentoring and training workshops.


The only direction in life that matters is forward.


Love that is truly expressed, is a force so great that can move mountains


She turned her can't into cans and her dreams into plans

Our Rationale


* To empower women to develop in confidence, using coaching, mentoring and education


* To empower young women individually and enable them to find their place within the community and subsequently empower society


* To encourage peer mentoring


* To empower young women to be key influencers and decision makers


* To empower young girls and women to have a voice and make a positive contribution to the community


* To promote health and lifestyle skills to enhance general health & wellbeing