“Hello, I’m Lola Owolabi and I’m Proud To Be Me. We can help you be Proud To Be You!”


I created proudtobeme (PTBM) on the founding belief that no one is born without a gift or a talent. I am particularly passionate about the potential of women and girls, especially their destiny and purpose. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence has always been a big barrier in people reaching their full potential. The mindset is a powerful weapon: it can work both in a positive or negative manner, and women are particularly vulnerable. I am confident that you can achieve all you want to be by breaking free from negative, self-limiting beliefs. Inspired by this philosophy, proudtobeme continues to successfully support young women in achieving their goals and becoming valuable members of their community

We are all about mentoring , coaching and Supporting young leaders today to prepare them for their tomorrows



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