Meet The Team

Lola Owolabi

Founder / Coach


Lola Owolabi MA, FRSA, MinstLM is an award-winning leadership and transformational coach. She has inspired, motivated, coached and mentored young women and girls from various backgrounds via her organisations.




Hi my name is Esther and I am a qualified Careers Adviser. I have a wealth of experience working with young people giving them impartial educational, occupational, labour market information and helping them make realistic and suitable choices.  Worked with young people both in a mentoring as well as a counselling capacity. It gives me great pleasure to inspire, motivate and challenge young people to aspire, meet and if possible exceed their God-given potentials in life.  I do enjoy working and interacting with young people a lot as I find them fun to work with.



My name is Nikki. I attended Greenwich University in London. I have a Degree in Mental Health Nursing. I’m an extremely organised, calm and patient professional with excellent nursing skills. I have a passion for providing quality care to patients and people around me. I am a Director of proudtobeme.  I love working with young people helping them to have a positive impact on their own lives as well as on the environment they find themselves.  



Tumi is a director and ambassador of Proudtobeme. After completing a course at proudtobeme, I went on to volunteer and work with the charity. I am currently studying in university while working part time with proudtobeme, planning workshops and events. I am deeply passionate about young ladies and desire to see the best in them. I enjoy advising and sharing knowledge with teenage girls.  



My name is Shalom. I work in a special needs school from 11-18 years old. I work with proudtobeme because I enjoy working with young people. I work as a Volunteer in proudtobeme. I am very passionate about young people because they are the future and I believe they are the hope for tomorrow. I also wanted to make a difference in the community and empower the voices of young people. The young people need to understand that they are very valuable and essential like everyone else regardless of all the labelling because they are overflowing with unused gifts & talents and it sometimes only takes one individual to help push it out. 



Debrah is a family psychotherapy student, volunteer/mentor within Proudtobeme. I am very passionate about working with young people as I believe these teenage stages are very crucial points in a young person’s life and the decisions and views you hold in these stages will shape your life. So, I am enthusiastic about supporting young people through my own experiences to help them shape a better and happier future for themselves.



My name is ToyinCurrently, I work at the Young Vic Theatre within the finance and fundraising department. I work within the development department which involves researching potential funders, speaking to potential funders and also I am involved in facilitating events such as press nights and breakfast meetings with the artistic director. This year I have taken a particular interest to fundraising so decided to take the opportunity to work as a fundraising intern within proudtobeme.