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Project Name: Material Wealth Exchange – Proudtobeme


Project Name: Material Wealth Exchange


Project Name: Material Wealth Exchange

The project Material Wealth Exchange is aimed to bring together the community through education, exchanging skills and interaction to create an exhibition filled with art pieces and in the process also enhancing their mental wellbeing. The British Empire formed the Commonwealth which assisted their 54 member states to trade with one another. This trade relationship mostly involved the exchanges of natural resources. The purpose of this project is to source some of these materials in efforts to utilise them in creating art pieces.

The project is a collaboration between Proudtobeme and Eunice Bossman-okai. She is a multidisciplinary artist and a jewellery designer who handcrafts unique pieces using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Her work is inspired and influenced by spirituality, culture, nature, and texture. She holds a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 

Bonding and Researching and BA in Jewellery and Accessories.

Eunice founded Meitam London brand in the United Kingdom in 2018. Her vision is to uplift and encourage people through creativity. 

The project was conducted in various steps as follows 

The research for this project was centred on academic sources, articles, magazines, and blogs. The purpose of having a diverse range of sources is to encourage our beneficiaries to engage with the commonwealth topics. 


Development stage included identifying specific materials exchanged between these commonwealth countries. This involved us sourcing for the materials and fostering relationships with businesses where those materials are extracted from (particularly small businesses).  Our development process involved a combination of skills such as being interactive, analytical, and critical.

Plan, experiment, and production

During this period, we learned and applied skills which involves teamwork such as working in cohesion, respecting each other’s opinion, conflict resolution ,leadership , empathy and brainstorming etc.

The production process began with experimenting with materials.

The process of experimenting was a combination of trial and error, learning from mistakes and adopting an analytical approach.


The exhibition entails art pieces that have been made by the participants. The exhibition includes evidence of how we reached our outcome, information about the natural materials used and the countries which produce these natural materials. The aim is to help young people explore their creative side and develop confidence in their skills and display their talents.

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